Privacy Policy

WoA Server is meant to provide a friendly, fun and welcoming environment for everyone to engage in Minecraft gameplay. To achieve this, we have a compiled a list of rules that must be obeyed by all players without any exceptions. If you use the WoA forums, participate in gameplay on the Server or join the Discord channels, you agree to be bound by the rules detailed below. If you choose to join a voice channel and use voice chat, you are responsible for your own experience, which you should moderate using the “mute player” and “block player” options.

Playing on the WoA server is impossible without having access to a Minecraft account, which can be made on the official Minecraft site. Eligible versions include Mac and PC Java versions of the game. Ineligible versions include console, Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 version.

The following privacy policy will detail the type of data we gather through your use of the Server and any adjunct products (known collectively as “Platforms”), the reasons for gathering data and the choices you have available in inspecting and managing the data we have on you. As long as you keep using the Services, you give implied consent to this Privacy Policy and the terms of data processing described therein. If you wish to express disagreement with this Privacy Policy, please refrain from using the Server and/or the Platforms. The date of the last update to this Privacy Policy was 24 May, 2018.

Data we gather

We may choose to gather data on your use of the Server and/or the Platforms, including which selections you have made on them and in what manner. This data includes personally identifiable information (PII), device identifiable information (DII) and any information logs, as detailed below.

Personally identifiable information

PII involves any data that can be collated to discover your actual identity, such as name, e-mail, home address, phone number, photos including your facial or other identifying features and payment data. We may be exposed to user PII, such as when a user attempts to send us an e-mail, a job application, apply to volunteer, give us a phone call or contact us on social media platforms, in which case we may collect the provided PII. In cases where you see a “Log in as...” button, it indicates that we may request PII from the partner platform in question to speed up the registration and login process. In all cases where this happens, you will be asked to provide an explicit consent to sharing a limited amount of PII with us.

Device identifiable information

DII indicates any data that distinguishes your device with which you’re contacting the Server or the Platforms from any other device. DII involves unique hardware and software identifiers, cookies, usernames, browser fingerprints and other such indicators that can be used to establish a history or a pattern of access. Other examples of DII are your user agent, IP address, GPS and sensor data, installed fonts, apps running in the background, battery information, resolution and screen size.

Third-party partners

The Server and the Platforms may gather data regarding your search entries and history, navigation paths, purchases, shares and clicks, referral URLs and purchases. This data may be combined with DII and PII for a greater degree of accuracy and may be transmitted to us in the background when our app is not in use, which is meant to ensure a better performance of your device. We may opt to partner with other parties that may have gathered additional data on you and share or exchange your data. For more information on what this means for your privacy, please take a look at the list of third parties we are currently involved in and check their privacy policies.

How we use the data

The data collected from the Server and the Platforms helps us protect the integrity of our services and the identity of our users. Thanks to the gathered data, we can better understand how you use our services and how to improve them or which new products to provide you with.

In the case of PII, it is most commonly used in the context of business purposes and offers, such as when we need to send you an update, a newsletter or when we’re responding to your inquiries or requests. If you contact us, the record of your communication with the Server or the Platform staff may also be recorded so we can understand and solve the issues that you’ve reported. When you provide us with an e-mail address, we may use it to respond to your e-mails or inform you about changes to our Terms of Service. All other data you enter through our Server or the Platforms is public and visible to anyone. Do not share PII information if doing can cause you harm or discomfort.

PII can also be shared with individuals, outside organizations and companies for limited reasons, as follows:

• For external processing – Our affiliates or trusted partners may receive PII to process it on our behalf, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and based on our instructions and any relevant security and confidentiality measures.

• If we have your permission – If you permit your PII to be shared, we may share it with certain outside parties and individuals for the stated reason.

• For legal purposes – PII may get shared with outside parties and individuals if there is a good-faith concern that this act of sharing, accessing, disclosing, preserving or using the PII data will be reasonably required to meet any applicable government request, legal process, regulation or law or any other proceeding designed to address technical issues, security, fraud, protection against harm to the property, rights or safety of the public or our users.

• In case of an asset transfer or sale – If our company becomes involved in a transaction, acquisition or merger that involves all or some of our user information or assets that include PII we collected from you through your use of the Server or the Platforms, that PII might be the part of our company that changes owners. If that does happen, we will undertake every reasonable effort to inform you of the asset transfer, including sending you an e-mail or a highly visible notification on the Server and our Platforms.

• In aggregate as needed for business purposes – The aggregated PII and DII data may be shared with our business partners that we engage in a relationship with, including connected websites and advertising agencies. One example of this use is sharing our aggregated data with our partners to demonstrate a certain trend related to how users use the Server or the Platforms.

Gathered DII is used to maintain the function and performance of the Server and Platforms, which includes analysis of their usage, prevention of fraud and malicious behavior, maintenance of the integrity of user sessions, enhancing content function, connecting your identity across browsers, devices and social media platforms to help you experience a more effortless use of the Server and our Platforms and to provide third parties with relevant metrics used in advertising. The primary reasons why we share DII with third parties are security, external processing, advertising and analytics.

Third parties we work with

Our goal in working with third parties is to select reputable, respectable companies that employ solid privacy policies. However, we cannot be held responsible for the actions or the content, including sites or products displayed on the Server or the Platforms, provided to you by these third parties. We do not have any control over the privacy policies of third parties we partner with nor can we affect the privacy settings you have chosen when dealing with these third parties, which include social media platforms. The intended goal for our partnerships with third parties is to provide our users with customized products and services, which may include gathering relevant data to produce analytics and metrics about the users of our products and services. For more information on how this is achieved in practice, please consult the privacy policies of our partners and social media networks you might be using.

PayPal Privacy Policy:

Facebook Privacy Policy:

Google / YouTube Privacy Policy:

Cloudflare Privacy Policy:

Your choices

If you decide to delete or cancel your user account, be advised that this can be done either by getting in direct contact with us for assistance or directly through our services, as indicated in the help section. You will find our e-mail address at the very end of this document.

Some browser have started offering DNT (Do Not Track), an optional setting that should indicate to a company that may use tracking methods that the user of DNT does not wish to be tracked. Our products and services do not check for DNT but we do offer several other ways of opting out, such as by visiting:

Opting out of ad tracking does not mean you won’t see ads online; the ads you will be served will be generic and not based on your activities, PII or DII.

Your mobile device might also support the “Limit Ad Tracking” option, which signals you prefer generic instead of customized ads. For more information on this, visit:

Managing your data

We will strive to provide you with sufficient tools to update your PII as you see fit but we still keep some of it for legal purposes. You may be asked to verify your identity before any PII is deleted.

Data security

No data storage system is 100% secure or infallible. We cannot guarantee permanent security and privacy of your data but can help you protect your account through help and support.

Data of minors

Children under 13 years of age are not being knowingly tracked through our services or products. If you discover that your child under the age of 13 has been using our services or products, please contact us through the e-mail at the end of this document.

Server location

Our company is established and currently located in the US. As such, our services and products are aimed at US citizens. Any user outside the US agrees to having his or her data stored and processed in the US according to US laws and regulations.

Changes to this policy

As times change, so may this policy. Any such changes will be posted herein, so please check this page from time ot time. If you have any requests or questions, please contact us by using the e-mail address: